How Does First Church Keep Itself Going?

Contributing to the Mission of First Church

Members and friends of First Church provide about 60% of the church's total operating budget to support the rich and diverse activities of the church. Many make yearly financial pledges during the Fall Pledge Campaign. The church budget includes significant contributions to the activities of the Northern California Nevada Conference and the national setting of the church and benevolent gifts of other sorts.

Stewardship & Sustainability

A group meets year-round to address issues of stewardship (the faithful use of God's resources) and sustainability (making sure the church is working in a way that its mission can be carried out in the long-term.

Ministry of Stewardship, Finance & Administration

The Ministry of Stewardship, Finance & Administration (SFA) is charged with the organizational management of the church. This Ministry, like others in the church, reports on a regular basis to the Church Council. SFA creates a budget that is reviewed by the Council, is presented to the congregation in January in informational meetings and is voted on in a duly called congregational meeting.