Advent 2017: “Watch”

Advent logo 2017“Watch” is the First Chuch theme for Advent 2017.

It’s been a rough year. The new year can’t come soon enough—and it will. The Christian church recognizes Advent as the beginning of the new year and new life, the time of gestation when God is ready to break in and be with us.

We’ve been on high alert for so long. We might be getting sleepy—it’s only human. But Jesus told us to keep watch. What are the signs and wonders that God is here, or approaching? Where is light breaking through the mist and gloom?

As we enter Advent and approach Christmas, in Sunday sermons, testimonies and an Advent day-long retreat, we’ll stay up and watch together for the inbreaking of the Divine.

On Sunday, December 10, 2017 the whole church is invited to take part in the Advent Crafts Fair after worship at First Church at 11:45 am.