June 25, 2017

…that at Sunday School this Sunday the children will be baking communion bread (for the following Communion Sunday) with Bree Elle Gardner

…that there will be no Sunday School July 2 because it’s all-ages worship? 

…that on Sunday, July 9, they’ll be assembling 2nd Sunday sandwiches and lunch bags and then distributing them to the homeless with Richard Brabham?

…that First Church was recognized at the NCNC UCC Annual Gathering last weekend for our generous gift in 2016 ($73,875) to the UCC’s wider mission?

…that Michele McGeoy has saved change in this bottle since she was 18 and now wants to donate it to the Latina Center of Richmond, which serves families in the Bay Area? As you can see by the picture, it’s almost full. She’s hoping folks will bring their change to church this Sunday so it can be filled to the brim.

…that the Blue Sky Team is offering two more Q&A sessions on Wed., June 21, 6:30–8:30 pm in Loper Chapel and Sun., June 25, 12–2 pm in the Sanctuary?