Blaire BridgesMeet Blaire Bridges, our new director of youth ministry. Blaire (they/them, he/him) is an adventure-seeking, travel-loving, intentional, nature spirit. Though they have Southern roots, they’ve made the Bay Area their home for over 10 years. Following their wanderlust has taken them to Japan, Cuba, Spain, France, Ecuador and all over the continental United States. They just returned from seven months of international travel with their sweetheart, chihuahua, and one carry-on backpack. 

Blaire loves learning about the world and people around them, and has been known to ask the question, “So, what does your God look like?” in place of small talk. Their diverse work experience includes organizing and leading activities for a community of young men with developmental disabilities; providing “operational support” (read: everything under the sun) for an effective altruism startup; teaching digital arts to high school students; developing programming and classes for the public library; and slinging coffee at the best coffee shop in the Southwest.

Blaire is passionate about fighting oppression in all forms, and about building strong communities. They strongly believe that activism must be intersectional, and believe that “calling people in” can be just as important as “calling people out.” They are interested in Restorative Justice, Nonviolent Communication and Community Gardening! They are queer, transgender and indigenous. 

Blaire loves writing, being in nature, dreaming up tiny house designs, showing off their sweet dance moves, hosting dinner parties, making music and learning a little bit about a lot of things. They are excited to begin their position as Director of Youth Ministry!