All Ages Christmas Eve Service

Mon, Dec 24 • 4:00 pm


The First Church All Ages Christmas Eve Service at 4 pm on Monday, December 24 is a sight for eyes, ears, hearts and spirits. Children of all ages get to take part in recreating the story of the birth of Jesus. Don a costume as you come in if you choose!

The service will be held in the Sanctuary.

The service will include stories, songs and special music under the direction of Director of Music Derek Tam. It will last between 35 and 45 minutes to accommodate the attention span of the littlest ones. This will be a place to celebrate with humor and light-hearted joy!

Come even if you are new to the community or aren't even too sure about this Jesus story. Let yourself be immersed in the wonderful possibilities of the season!

First Church will also offer Christmas Eve in the Cloister at 6 pm just outside the Sanctuary and a Christmas Eve Candles & Carols at 10 pm, with special piano and string quartet music beginning at 9:30 pm.


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