Caring for the Caregiver

Tue, Nov 15 • 4:51 am


A small group support for anyone who carries the caregiver role will begin Sunday, November 20, after church and coffee hour. ?Caring for the Caregiver? will provide a safe, gentle place to rest and refresh. It has been said, ?Most people just need a good listening to!? Amen.

When a person is met and witnessed, healing happens. Convenor Rev. Nancy McKay can attest to support given by this community when she received a terminal diagnosis 23 years ago. For 10 years she co-led a group called, ?Spiritual Tools for Healing? and she is practiced in modern forms of laying on of hands and prayer. She has offered spiritual direction (awareness) for 25 years. We will start with a one and one half hour meeting and see what is appropriate. This will be a time responsive to the needs of the group.

For more information and to sign up, contact Louise Halsey at

2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA