Emmaus Walk Healing Dyads

Sun, Apr 8 • 11:45 am


The results for the survey about the on-campus affordable housing idea are in. However we decide to move ahead, some of us have an unsettled feeling about the diversity of opinions in our community. We long for harmony.

On Easter, two of the disciples were walking the road to Emmaus when the resurrected Jesus appeared in the midst of them. The “Emmaus walk” has become a metaphor for how the holy unites and lights up two people in earnest spiritual conversation.

As one way to heal going forward, you are cordially invited to step into a dyad for the eight weeks following Easter. You will be paired with someone who voted differently than you — not to discuss affordable housing, or even to talk about church at all, but simply to begin, and perhaps deepen, a relationship with someone you might not know well or at all.
All the dyads will meet together as a body on Sunday, April 8 after worship for a brief covenanting time, and will meet again on Sunday, June 3 to debrief. For the two months inbetween, partners agree to:

• Talk weekly in person or on the phone to share what is going on in their lives and pray for each other

• Meet twice (can be collapsed to once), for each person in the dyad, to bring their partner on a “field trip” to a place of special importance to them nearby (hike, museum, childhood home, memorial, shop, charity, etc)

• Meet once to do a service project together

If you would like to participate, contact Kara Korbel-Chinula, Leonard Ash or Molly Baskette.

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