Green Commute to Church

In honor of Earth Day (April 22), the Green Ministry Team is organizing the Second Annual Green Commute to Church Day for Sunday, May 4. Everyone is invited to use the most environmentally friendly form of transportation to church. You could bike, walk, use public transportation, or carpool.

This is an effort to encourage everyone to come to church in the most environmentally friendly fashion every Sunday of the year.

During the Learning Hour at 10:00 am, the Team will greet you with refreshments and information stands about green commuting options, bike safety, and green traveling.

As part of our event, the community will be receiving a Transportation Survey by email so that we can learn about how we currently get to church and how we can become more efficient in doing so.

Please respond to the short survey when it arrives, and please do Green Commute on Sunday, May 4.

2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA