The Green Team?s Sustainable Lunch

Small Assembly

About 50 people gathered for the Green Ministry Team?s Sustainable Potluck Lunch at First Church on Sunday, October 20.

The food table was filled with beautiful and delicious dishes, made with seasonal ingredients from within 100 miles. This celebration was held in concert with World Food Day, which seeks to end world hunger in part by helping small farmers grow more food.

While the Green Team?s primary goal was to have fun and enjoy one another?s company, our secondary goal was to celebrate the local harvest and the challenge and rewards of eating sustainably.  Using ingredients from within 100 miles helped illustrate the benefits of developing our local agriculture. To see what ingredients are in season locally, and ideas for recipes, visit the CUESA website (Center for Urban Education about Sustainable Agriculture).

Beautiful food at the sustainable lunchRead ten benefits of buying your food close to home.

The lunch was organized by Carolyn Ash, Freddie Bunge, Paul Chapman, Emma Fujii, Mary Fujii, Annis Kukulan, Kristina McNaught and Charlotte Russell.

Thanks to Sara Chatfield for the photos!

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