Join the People’s Climate March

Sat, Apr 29 • 11:00 am

Washington, DC & Oakland, CA TBA

Kit Novotny & Annis Kukulan will be organizing a First Church group to join the Oakland event at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater at 11 am.

Paul Chapman brings this news from the Green Team

The new administration in Washington has launched an unprecedented attack on the environment, women, people of color, workers, and many others, and threatens to roll back the hard-won progress we have made, especially in our fight to address climate change. On the 100th day of the new administration, Saturday, April 29, we will join together, to march, protest, resist and call for dramatic action to address the climate crisis, justice and jobs. 

The People’s Climate Movement builds on the march that brought nearly half a million to New York City for the UN Climate Summit in September 2014, and we hope to gather even more people this time, in Washington DC and in communities across the country. Here are the details and how you can get involved.

• The People’s Climate March will take place in Washington DC on Saturday, April 29; if you can join, please register...
• A29BAM (April 29th Bay Area Mobilization) is planning marches in Oakland and San Francisco. Kit Novotny and Annis Kukulan will be organizing a group to join the Oakland march which begins at the Lake Merritt Amphitheater at 11 am. An InterFaith Service will be held at 10:30 am near the Amphitheater. More details...
• Several other groups are helping organize the PCM, including, The Sierra Club, The Union of Concerned Scientists; check their websites for information and to join their groups in the march, either in Washington or locally.

Paul will be in Washington DC for the People’s Climate March. When you register, either for DC or a local march on those sites, please email me so that I can keep a roster of our participants. Or your can let him know by filling out this form online...


Paul Chapman