Learning Hour—Improved Medicare for All

Sun, Jan 20 • 11:45 am

Loper Chapel

For the Learning Hour on January 20, 2019, Dr. Henry L. Abrons will present a program on Single Payer Healthcare—“Improved Healthcare for All”—at 11:45 am in Loper Chapel.

Eight years after passage of the Affordable Care Act, interest in healthcare reform has intensified in response to many shortcomings in the provision of health care. Areas of particular concern include quality of care, affordability, public health, ethical and moral issues, and pathways for reform. The slogan for a single payer program — "Improved Medicare for All” — has gained popularity among voters and elected officials in California and at the national level. What exactly does it mean? A conversation on the topic will include a brief presentation, open discussion, and a focus on opportunities for change.

Henry L. Abrons, MD, MPH, is a retired physician who graduated from Harvard College and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He received residency and fellowship training in New York City, Chicago, and at West Virginia University where he was Associate Professor of Medicine specializing in pulmonary disease and critical care medicine. He then taught at Highland Hospital in Oakland and retired from clinical medicine in 2007. Hank has spoken and testified extensively on health policy and is a board member of Physicians for a National Health Program (PNHP) and past president of the California chapter. He is involved in the campaign for healthcare reform based on his conviction that a single payer "improved Medicare for all" program is the most equitable and sustainable way to provide universal access to affordable high quality health care.

Ron Elsdon, a member of the Justice and Service Ministry, will moderate the session. Ron has long been involved in promoting healthcare justice, including incorporating a contributed chapter on healthcare as social responsibility in a book he edited on social responsibility of business.

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