Let’s Panic about Hospitality

Sun, Mar 18 • 11:45 am


Some research into evangelism indicates that newcomers to a church make a decision within the first four minutes about whether or not they will return.

Other research is a little different — it indicates they decide within 40 seconds!

Either way, how we respond to newcomers when they come, what they see/hear/touch/taste/smell and how they experience our community matters. On Sunday, March 18, during the Learning Hour at 11:45 am, Senior Minister Molly Baskette will lead us in some thought-exercises and fun role-plays to make our friendly and hospitable church even more prepared to receive the next old-timers and stakeholders, new beloveds we just haven’t met yet.

There will be prizes just for showing up to the Learning Hour. The more of us who learn, practice and create a consistently deep welcome as part of our culture, the more this corner of the Kindom grows.

Childcare provided
2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA