Marvin K. White to Lead First “Workship”

Sun, Sep 24 • 11:45 am


Marvin K. White will lead his first “workship” as First Church’s Public Theologian in Residence on Sunday, September 24 from 11:45 to 1 pm in the Sanctuary. He will then preach on the following Sunday, October 1 during the 10 am worship service.

The “workship” (workshop + worship) services are creative writing/creative conversation workshops that deploy a Theopoetics that asks participants to find God through their creative and poetic strivings.

The first Workship is called Literary Stretches: Getting Back Into Creation Shape. Here is how Marvin describes the event:

We gather in our year-long Workship journey in conversation practice and writing practice. What does it mean to be a writer? Who is a writer? Can writing be a spiritual discipline? What does it mean to save the writing that you have generated? What does it mean to share the writing that you have generated? How do you get over writer's block? What if you have wanted to begin writing or return to writing, how might we do that with ease and grace, and without shame, blame or guilt?

Let us gather to talk about our first inklings of writing, learning to write, and how to return to our writing if we were separated from it while we pursued family, academic or professional goals. The Workship's aim is to remind of of the ways in which our writing voices have always been operating throughout our lives—in the checks we sign, the contracts we enter into, the reports we write, the cards we send, the grants we apply for, and the notes we take.

Whether in the ways that our writing is in service of someone or something else, we have been writing. Our goal in Workship is to reintegrate our internal and always available impulse, muse, spark, notion, and idea, with our desire to be creative beings, using writing and storytelling to share with one another and to share with a world that needs to hear specifically and authentically from you.

All are welcome, whether you consider yourself a writer or not!

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