Maundy Thursday House Church 2018

Thu, Mar 29 • 6:00 pm

First Church members' homes

Starting times may vary.

Once again we will celebrate Maundy Thursday (March 29, 2018) soup supper and foot/hand washing—in small groups, as house church, in the homes of various First Church community members.

This online Sign Up Genius form allows you to sign up with one of the various hosts/gatherings. Sign-ups will also be taken after church on Sunday, March 18.

Each host will determine the timing and details for their gathering (please see details for each host site, including accessibility). Since Thursday is their rehearsal night, Sanctuary Choir and Bell Choir members can attend an event to be held in Durant House before rehearsal.

Depending on interest, we *may* still be looking for a few more hosts. Would you be willing to host a gathering in your home? Such an evening will foster great intimacy and warmth! You would provide a simple soup supper for 6-10 people (or potluck or…?). A script for the evening, including the foot/handwashing ritual, will be provided as well as a foot washing tub if you need one. You could also choose to use the script with your family in your own home. 

To volunteer to host or if you have questions, please contact Rachel Bauman (

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2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA

Rachel Bauman