“Merchants of Doubt” Film Night

Loper Chapel

The Green Team is sponsoring the screening of Merchants of Doubt, an acclaimed documentary on climate change on Wednesday, November 11 at 7 pm in Loper Chapel.

The film is based on the book by Harvard professor Naomi Oreskes, Merchants of Doubt: How a Handful of Scientists Obscured the Truth on Issues from Tobacco Smoke to Global Warming. The documentary, which includes interviews with industry reps, global warming deniers, environmentalists and climate scientists, exposes a concerted strategy to create doubt about the facts of climate change through the use of pundits-for-hire who present themselves as scientific authorities.

Kenneth Turan of the Los Angeles Times call it “an enthralling film—as fascinating as it is horrifying.”

See a preview of the film here...

Discussion about how we can work to address climate change will follow the screening.

No childcare provided
2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA

Paul Chapman