One Great Hour of Sharing Sunday 2018

Sun, Mar 18 • 10:00 am


Sunday, March 18, is One Great Hour of Sharing (OGHS) Sunday.


This offering is sent each year by each UCC congregation to the United Church of Christ to address global issues. With these monies we are assured that the UCC, acting as one body, will be present to help with natural disasters such as hurricanes, volcanoes and floods; to be present in detention camps for refugees from war, famine and violence; and work on international development programs such as health care, education, agriculture, food sustainability, micro-financing and women’s empowerment.

You will soon all receive an email letter from the Ministry of Justice & Service. OGHS donation envelopes will also be available in the pews. You may mail your donation to First Church or you may bring it to church on Sunday, March 18 when we will collect donations. You can also donate online with the link below.

While we at First Church address critical needs locally and nationally, especially through our grants administered by Justice and Service, OGHS allows us to extend our contributions internationally and to work with the larger UCC body, making even a greater impact through joining with other congregations to become one body dedicated to care and social justice in the world.

First Church has a long history of making a substantial contribution to this effort. Please help us maintain this DONATE ONLINE... (Look for "One Great Hour of Sharing" below "Activity Contributions"


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