Three-Part Zen Hospice Series

Sun, Aug 6 • 11:30 am
Sun, Aug 13 • 11:30 am
Sun, Aug 20 • 11:30 am


At the Learning Hour at 11:30 am on Sunday, August 6, 13, & 20, the Adult Education Ministry will present a series entitled Contemplating Loss and Death: A Zen Hospice Project Perspective in the Sanctuary. Our presenters will be three wonderful speakers from Zen Hospice.

The series will begin on August 6 with a program led by Roy Remer, ZHP’s Director of Education and Training, on “Stages of Death: A Lifetime Journey.” Roy will elaborate the natural psycho/social stages of the dying process as a template for living life fully. By understanding the patterns of the human heart and mind at the end of life, we can prepare for what we individually deem a “good death.”

On August 13, Mary Doane will present “The Variety of Losses at the End of Life.” Living with chronic and terminal illness brings loss on a variety of levels. This presentation will clarify the ways we construct self-identity when we are healthy, and the ways this identity falls apart when we are forced to adapt to new circumstances presented by illness, and eventually death. 

On August 20, Alistair Shanks will present “Grief as Constant Companion.” Impermanence is part of life. Grief, the heart’s natural response to loss, is not something we “get over” but something we learn to accommodate, and carry as constant companion.

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