Toni Battle to Return to First Church

Small Assembly

On Wednesday, July 8, Toni Battle will return to First Church for a presentation called There's Healing In the Knowing: Bearing Witness to the Counterstory. The event, sponsored by the Diversity Team, willbe held at 7 pm in the Small Assembly.

Ms. Battle is a Ph.D. student at Saint Mary?s College in Moraga. Her dissertation research is on reconciliation. She is a leader and participant in the SF chapter of Coming to the Table, a national organization working with descendants of slaves and of slave owners around racial recognition issues.

Historical harm trauma gets passed down within many families throughout the generations.  How does truth telling of historical harm trauma show up within the family and community?  Hear from a facilitator who is descended from The Trail of Tears, slavery, banishment and lynching histories and is on a journey of healing from historical harm trauma and generational grief by creating a dissertation which explores healing through traditional cultural norms. How does our history impact the present, in today's society? Bearing witness is a sacred act within many communities and is viewed as a moral and ethical way of being.  What happens when soul wounds come to bear fruit?

2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA