We've Got the Power: Renewable Energy at First Church

Tue, Nov 15 • 4:44 am

Large Assembly

This year First Church has made great strides in lowering its carbon footprint. We hope you will come to the 10 am Learning Hour on Sunday, October 16 to hear about the initiative, and what it means for you.

Tom Mazzotta and Moe Wright from the Ministry of Stewardship, Finance & Administration, along with David Haskell from Community Cooperative Energy (CCE), will explain the benefits of the impressive 21.5 kW, 89 panel solar array that has been installed on the First Church roof.

The new rooftop solar power array will reduce our PG&E electric bill by $9,455, or 38%, in the first year of operation alone. Over the thirty-year lifetime CCE estimates the system will generate savings of $581,377, reduce our carbon footprint by 31% and offset over 12 million pounds of greenhouse gas emissions (CO2).

Paul Chapman from the Green Ministry Team will describe the efforts that led to our becoming an EPA Energy Star church this July. Come to learn how First Church is making real strides to become carbon neutral and a model environmental steward.

2345 Channing Way, Berkeley CA