Youth to Be Confirmed on Pentecost

Sun, May 20 • 10:00 am


On Pentecost Sunday, May 20, 2018, several First Church youth will complete the confirmation process.

Since September, the high school Confirmation group has been exploring faith, history, and community to prepare for this moment, and for lives of confirmed membership in the United Church of Christ. Confirmation class sessions have involved praying, wrestling with God, learning about scripture, exploring the relationship between science and religion, discussing the meanings of "tradition," serving at a Food Pantry, worshiping at City of Refuge and the nearby Buddhist temple, and bonding with an adult mentor.

Now, on Pentecost Sunday, eight youth will join the congregation as members of the church. They will have the full privileges of a member of our church, along with full responsibilities. They understand that we are all traveling together, on a journey of faith and accountability. 

Those eight new members are Ash, Lily, Ben, Adilu, Rafe, Terry, Peter, and Dakota.

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