Music at First Church

Director of Music

Derek Tam directs the music programs at First Church. If you are interested in being involved in making music as a vocalist or instrumentalist, please contact him at

Sanctuary Choir

The Sanctuary Choir provides a wide variety of music each Sunday during worship in the Sanctuary at 10 am. The choir rehearses each Thursday evening and then before the service on Sunday morning. It is open to anyone who is interested. The choir also prepares music for special events, including special choir concerts. During Christmas and Easter there are opportunities for people to join the choir for a shorter term. Many choir members also prepare solos and other small group pieces.

The Sanctuary Choir typically takes the summer off, although members often perform solos or small ensembles during summer services.

The Organ

First Church installed a wonderful new organ in 2006. The church has always had a strong commitment to the rich traditions of organ performance and the way it enhances worship. Elizabeth Forsyth is the First Church organist, providing special preludes and postludes and accompanying music in the service. Find out more about the organ...

JulieEarlyService.jpgGospel Choir

The Gospel Choir rehearses and sings on occasion during the 10 am worship service. Contact Music Director Derek Tam if you interested in singing in this group.

Music for Children & Youth

At First Church, music plays an important role in the spiritual development of children and youth. Read more...


The choirs of First Church prepare large scale works about once a year as a special offering to the larger community, often involving a large group of instrumentalists.

Our chancel and sanctuary is designed to accommodate musical performance on a grand scale and many outside groups, including Cal Performances, Philharmonia Baroque and Chanticleer, perform in our space, adding richness to the culture of the area.

Derek Tam also curates a First Church performance series each year called Resonance. Musicians and performers of all sorts are featured in this series. More about Resonance...