The Organ

In the summer of 2006 Petty-Madden (Hopewell, NJ) installed its Opus 55 within chambers formerly occupied by the M?ller organ. The four-manual organ currently contains 49 stops and 62 ranks, with preparations for 61 stops, 86 ranks. The completed organ will have 4,852 pipes.

organConsole.jpgFeatures of the new organ include a console en amphith??tre of quarter-sawn French white oak and Honduran mahogany. Manual sharps and drawknobs are of African blackwood, Pedal sharps are capped with rock maple. Stop faces are of bone resin, natural keys are of polished cowbone. A full-length 32' Contre-Bombarde of African obeche wood is installed in the west chamber; the resonators go from basement level all the way up to the sanctuary ceiling, where the mitered tops are suspended from wires for seismic purposes.

The builder?s tonal philosophy is aptly described ?American Eclectic?; however this particular installation is particularly well-suited to French Romantic and French Symphonic repertoire. The console offers a I/II manual interchange and ventil functions to assist in the interpretation of this literature, and all chorus reeds have parallel domed shallots in the French manner.

Windchests are slider with electric pulldown actions; pallet actions and 32' reed shallots are visible through glass panes, and an elegant spiral staircase provides access to Swell and Choir divisions. Pressure is 4" throughout except for the Pedal 32' stops, which are on 6". The prepared Solo division and Trompette-en-chamade will be on higher wind pressure as well.

The final voicing represents the artistry of Bynum Petty, Larry Trupiano, and Warren Marsh. A particularly nice touch graces the console?a modest brass plaque displaying Bynum Petty?s signature.

Download the full specifications for the new Petty-Madden organ.