Sanctuary, Immigration & Refugees

First Church Berkeley is involved in several ways with issues related to the Sanctuary movement, immigration and refugees.

These are some of the stories about the church's involvement over time.

The Church Council has called a meeting of the congregation on Sunday, June 18 to vote to sign the National Sanctuary Movement Pledge

On Sunday, June 18 First Congregational Church of Berkeley, United Church of Christ voted unanimously to sign the National Sanctuary Movement Pledge (below) and formally establish itself as a Sanct

Some members of the community have raised the issue of how First Church might be involved in the Sanctuary Movement to support immigrants and refugees.

At the Learning Hour on Sunday, March 12, First Church member Victoria Purcell-Gates will report on her trip to Honduras as part

First Church is responding to the recent wave of youth immigration into the US from Central America.

The Children from the Border Ministry Team shares an opportunity to work with youth refuguees who have settled in the Bay Area.

First Church’s Children at the Border/Sanctuary Ministry Team is celebrating the Global Citizens Award from the East Bay United Nation’s Chapter t

A group of First Church members are moving toward creating a Children at the Border Ministry Team.

Members of Children at the Border/Sanctuary, First Church?s newest ministry team, are actively answering the ?call from the

The First Church Children from the Border Ministry Team invites you to attend a Posada celebrating recently arrived immigrants in our community.

First Church has been at the forefront of providing aid and support for the “Children from the Border” immigrants and refugees.