New to First Church?

First Church Welcomes You!

First Church is a progressive Christian church. We invite everyone—no matter where you are on life’s journey—to the celebration.

We care for each other, stand for justice, pray through music and art, embrace both intellect and spirit, and offer extravagant welcome. We recognize the many ways to God.

Because we follow both the words and the deeds of Jesus, we invite everyone to the table. We humbly acknowledge that the journey of the spirit includes both faith and doubt.

We are part of the United Church of Christ, which has strong roots and a prophetic vision for the future. God is still speaking!


What We Believe

You don’t have to profess a certain set of beliefs in order to be a part of First Church. At various times, however, statements of faith have been composed in this church and in other UCC churches to give voice to what we believe.

Read a poetic "Seekers Statement" that was composed by members of our community in 2003.

Changing Lives BannerWe believe that "God is Still Speaking" which means that wisdom continues to be revealed to us in new and surprising ways. God’s truth is not set in stone, but flows like water and air all around us.


How to Connect

Come visit! Sunday morning is a great entry point, with several different choices awaiting you. Our worship celebration is at 10 am followed by our "After-Party" (a time for food, drink and conversation). Learning Hours and other progrms often occur at 11:45 am. We have options for children, youth and families during each of those times.

You might need to come several times to get the full experience of First Church!

Read more about Sunday mornings...

Read more about options for children, youth and families...


What’s Going On

Attending an event at First Church is also a good way to get to know us. Check out our events page to see what's coming up soon. We have many opportunities for spiritual growth, education, community connection, and service. Feel free to attend an event even if you haven't come on Sunday morning.


How to Find Us

Here's a map of our location. You can also get info about public transportation and parking. We have some parking in our lot behind the church. Some UC Berkeley lots are also available until 1 pm on Sunday mornings. The first few visits, you might want to allow a bit of extra time to find parking. Here is a map to find your way around our building.

Except for some of the upstairs classrooms, our building is wheelchair accessible with ramps and accessible bathrooms.


Receive Our Newsletter

You can sign up online to receive First Church's newsletter, The Carillon, by email. It is published weekly most of the year and will keep you up to date on what is happening at the church.


What to Wear

Come as you are! You'll find folks in suits and folks in jeans. We are more interested in what is on the inside!