Joining Our Community

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You can be a part of our community in many ways, both formal and informal. We invite you to membership believing that commitment to community is a powerful path of the spirit. But we don't require it. If you choose to become a member, the process is quite simple.

How do I join First Church?

1. Contact Senior Minister Molly Baskette or New Members Coordinator Kathy Helliesen and they will invite you to the next series of classes. You may also indicate your interest in membership on the Sunday morning friendship pad and we will be in touch with you.

2. Attend a New Members class where you will have the opportunity to learn about First Church and have questions answered.

3. If you decide to become a member, you will be welcomed into the congregation at a Sunday morning worship service.

What do I have to believe?

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We are a progressive Christian church which respects the individual?s spiritual journey and the integrity of that journey. You need not proclaim a particular set of beliefs to be a member of First Church and the United Church of Christ.

First Church aims to support everyone on their spiritual journey through connection and engagement in many different ways.

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What are my responsibilities as a member?

Members and non-members alike are invited to attend church regularly and support the church with your time, talent and treasure. Taking an active role in a community involves both giving and receiving. We invite active engagement as an important part of the spiritual journey.

Church members vote on issues such as the budget, ministerial staff and church policy.

Do I have to give money?

Members of the congregation support the ministry and mission of the church to the degree that they are able.We believe that we are ?stewards? of God's creation and of what we have been given. Contributing to the life and mission of the church is part of our stewardship responsibility. First Church respects the particular financial circumstances of each member of the community.

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Do I have to join to be part of the First Church community?

You don't need to join to participate in the life of the church, but making a commitment can be an important element of your spiritual journey. There are several choices about how you might join the congregation. Besides regular membership, you may join as a ?friend? of First Church or as an associate member if you have a commitment to another church.

Can children join First Church?

Technically, children are not members of the church until they take confirmation classes at which time they become voting members of the congregation. However, children are welcomed, respected and loved and are encouraged to join in the ministry of the church.

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How do I meet people in the church?

Get involved! Come to church on Sunday morning and join in other activities that are offered at the church. Hang out in the First Church Cafe. Join a committee or Ministry Team. Volunteer. Groups are open and eager to have new participants.

First Church has a wide range of activities listed on this site, announced in the weekly Sunday morning bulletin and published in the church newsletter, the Carillon.

You may receive the Carillon through email or mail. Sign up for the Carillon here.