2014 Waste Audit Reveals Good News

In October 2014, Green Ministry Team members, assisted by students of the East Bay School for Boys, took to the trash bins for a third year of waste auditing. We estimate that we are generating 32,000 lbs. of waste annually, up slightly from last year.

Our campus?s overall diversion rate is up to 50%?that is, half of the waste we generate is compostable or recyclable and leaves our campus in the correct bin. With its recently doubled capacity, the Compostables Bin can hold all the used, wet paper towels we throw in it, in addition to our new compostable paper plates, cups and utensils. The green Compostables Bin and the blue Recycling Bin both had 95% accuracy so we know the First Church community has learned the Recycle Rules well!

Our Landfill Bin tells a different story?60% of what we found in the Landfill Bin should have been placed in the Compostables or Recycling Bins. We estimate that as a community we are throwing over 15,000 lbs. into the Landfill bin; and most importantly, that means approximately 9,000 lbs of compostable or recyclable waste leaves our campus for the landfill annually.  We will continue to investigate why this happens.

The Green Team applauds the congregation for sorting well done and will continue to work towards a goal of Zero Waste, a 100% diversion rate as we strive to promote environmental stewardship so that we may respect, enjoy and preserve God?s gift of life on Earth.