Blue Fire Team Selects Architects for Pilgrim Hall Rebuild

Thu, Nov 1, 2018

The Blue Fire Committee is pleased to announce the selection of Siegel & Strain Architects to work with us on the design of the new Pilgrim Hall.

The selection comes at the conclusion of a long and rigorous review process intended to find the firm with the right mix of experience, fit and vision to help guide Pilgrim Hall and our church campus into the future. Examples of Siegel & Strain’s work may be viewed at

During the summer we solicited proposals from eight different firms that had considerable experience working with religious and non-profit organizations in the East Bay. We reviewed and discussed all of the proposals within our committee, and from those discussions we invited three firms to interview with the Blue Fire team. At the interviews, each firm presented their experience, qualifications and vision for Pilgrim Hall. The selection was not easy: each firm was well-qualified and eager to work with FCCB on the project, and each provided compelling ideas for Pilgrim Hall.

Siegel & Strain brings extensive experience working with historic buildings in Berkeley, including many near the UC campus, as well as the relationships with the City building and zoning departments and historic preservation organizations that come with that.

They also have a keen focus on sustainable design and green construction principles and palpable energy and enthusiasm for working with the Blue Fire team and the FCCB community through the design and construction process. The firm will begin soon, coordinating closely with the Blue Fire team and interviewing members of the staff and the FCCB community about church programming needs. We are excited to begin this next phase in the reconstruction of Pilgrim Hall!

Look for a poster from the Blue Fire team that we will use to track our progress and the steps required to bring the completion of Pilgrim Hall to a successful conclusion. Please see any member of the Blue Fire team (Leonard Ash, Roger Bash, Molly Baskette, Kara Korbel-Chinula, Lorenzo Llanillo, Tanya Mancheno, Scott Sporte, Moe Wright) or email with any questions or comments about the committee’s work.

In the photo, Kara Korbel-Chinula, Roger Bash and Molly Baskette, three members of the Blue Fire Team, look at a cardboard model of Pilgrim Hall during a preliminary presentation by Larry Strain and Susi Marzuola, two principals from our chosen architectural firm, Siegel & Strain.