Blue Sky Team Listening Sessions

Sun, Mar 5, 2017

The Blue Sky Team, charged with obtaining congregational input on a re-envisioned Pilgrim Hall, will launch a series of five listening sessions in March, beginning with several groups meeting after church this Sunday, March 5 after worship.

They have organized the sessions around four questions, asking how a creatively re-imagined Pilgrim Hall space might be used to:
    1.    Improve our own programs and promote togetherness
    2.    Serve those in need in the wider community
    3.    Foster collaboration with other churches/nonprofits
    4.    Anticipate needs of our ministry 5, 10, 50 years out.

At this unique moment in our history, we encourage you to give deep and hard thought to the matter, then sign up to participate. Groups are scheduled for March 5, 6, 7, 18 & 19.


Sunday, March 5 • 11:30 am
Congregation Beth El Sanctuary and Adult Library (several groups, childcare provided)
Monday, March 6 • 10:30 am – noon
Lake Park. A van service is being arranged to transport Piedmont Gardens folks to and from Lake Park for the session.

Tuesday, March 7 • 6:30 pm
Loper Chapel
Saturday, March 18 • 10 am
Loper Chapel & Durant House (two groups, childcare provided)
Sunday, March 19 • 11:30 am
Congregation Beth El In Between Room & Library (two groups, childcare provided)


Look for sign-up sheets after worship. The Blue Sky Team can be contacted at