Blue Sky Team Moving Forward

Tue, Apr 11, 2017

The Blue Sky Team has been working hard on its mission to lead the congregation in a process of re-imagining the Pilgrim Hall site.

It takes a concerted effort to uncover the sometimes conflicting hopes, dreams and concerns of members. Dan Leaverton has provided dedicated leadership to that end, however.

Since February, the group has not only organized the responses to 11 listening sessions, drawing nearly 100 participants, but is doing the same with the results of the survey made available to the entire congregation. Individually or collectively, members have interviewed staff, toured nonprofit facilities, talked to Thrift Shop volunteers, spoken to engineers and developers and investigated the history of several major church projects. Now it plans brief, but deep, open discussions on their points of success and failure, together with the cost and timeline implications of potential projects.

From the outset, members have seen a re-imagined Pilgrim Hall site as a dual opportunity. The church can use the new space to promote our own programs and to build togetherness. It can also ensure that any new structure becomes an asset to the community. An art gallery, classrooms, a health clinic, or housing—any choice offers space or service for added numbers of people. The search for an appropriate balance between the two undergirds the team’s efforts.

By now, it has accumulated a rich store of experience and perspectives. Yet missing pieces of critical information, including financial data and final conclusions from the engineering analysis, could cause delay. Meanwhile, insofar as possible, the team stays on task.