Carbon Fast for Lent

Forget about giving up cookies for Lent. How about giving up some carbon? ? a.k.a. some of the driving we do or other carbon-emitting activities?  

The United Church of Christ, via the First Church Green Ministry Team, invites us to partake in a ?carbon fast? this Lent of reducing our carbon footprints a little bit each day. 

Through its daily Lenten carbon fast email blasts, the UCC will guide us on steps we can take to preserve the beautiful earth God created and loves. As you know, climate change threatens to alter this planet and make life more difficult for future generations. It is already ravaging island nations and the world?s poorest farmers and fisher-folk who don?t have resources to adapt to drought and floods or rebuild their homes.

You can sign up for the UCC Carbon Fast emails and stay tuned for some Lenten carbon fast activities at First Church.