Childcare on Sunday Mornings After Church

Sun, May 6, 2018

Childcare is offered after church for meetings, workshops and adult education programs.

Please help this system work smoothly in the transition between Sunday School (happening during worship) and child care afterward.

Sunday School ends at 11:15 am, or immediately following worship if worship runs long. Please pick up your child right after worship so that the teachers/caregivers can transition on time to after-church childcare.

On Sundays where there are post-worship programs or meetings, childcare is available for all children ages 0 – grade 5 beginning at 11:30 amPlease read your Order of Worship each week to find out which room to move your child to if you would like to attend the Learning Hour program.

Bringing lunch and activities they love (and love to share) is advisable for those children who normally eat before 12 noon.

Parents should make sure to write their cellphone numbers on the sign-in sheet in case of emergencies.

Please sign your children out when you pick them up.