Coffee Hour Is Turning Into a Feast

Hasn?t it been comforting in the wake of the fire to gather after church for some heartier food and warm conversation?

Did you see the great spread at Congregation Beth El after church last Sunday including the carrot ginger soup Molly and Carmen made?

And we?re going to make this the ?new normal!?

Offering food is a sure-fire, low-tech, super-straightforward strategy for meeting people?s physical and spiritual needs, and ensuring that newbies and others stay at church a little longer on Sunday mornings to build meaningful relationships with God and each other, and eventually become stakeholders and leaders in our community. It also gives us all a chance to serve each other?to contribute to the depth and strength of our community.

A number of people are already volunteering to make sure a big pot of soup shows up at church each Sunday. We could still use a few people to commit to one Sunday a month?for a year? six months? Let Molly know!

Each person in the community is also invited to bring food to church one or two times during our birthday month. Doesn?t have to be complicated?bread, fruit, cheese, a dozen hard boiled eggs, some homemade treats?

November birthday folks get ready!

You can bring your food offerings to the Social Hall before the 10 am service at Beth El and then pick up your plate after church.

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