Committee Tests Church Sign Designs

Mon, Sep 25, 2017

Part of our campus is offline since the fire, but we want to send a message that our church is very much alive and kicking!

To that end, members of the Ministry of Stewardship, Finance & Administration (SFA) and Senior Minister Molly Baskette have been working on a design for a three-dimensional metal sign to boldly identify our church as a living, breathing community of faith. The sign will eventually be installed on the balcony to the left of the main entrance to the Sanctuary on Dana Street.

They have been working on both the design and the wording of the sign and are inviting the congregation to give feedback. Minister of Art & Communication Phil Porter has mocked up three banners that would approximate the look of the signs at their full size (in two dimensions).

Over the next few months, each of the three banners will be installed one at a time in the location where the sign would go, so the committee and members of the community can get an initial sense of what the sign might look like before we commit to a permanent sign.

The main wording of the sign would be individual letters made of metal that would be installed at a distance from the surface of the bricks. The wording in the bar below would be “punched out” of the metal. The elements of the sign would be illuminated from behind at night.

At the end of this testing phase, we will likely have a congregational meeting to vote on the final verbiage.