Diversity Team Reflects on Baltimore

Recognizing the importance of the recent events in Baltimore both for their particularity and their connection to important and challenging nation-wide concerns, the Diversity Ministry Team posted an article on the Diversity Team Blog called ?Baltimore and Beyond?.

It begins:

The recent events in Baltimore surrounding the death of Mr. Freddie Gray while in police custody are full of pain, power and possibility. While significant in and of themselves, they also connect with other similar events that have taken place in relatively recent times and also with a long and painful history of unjust treatment of people of color in the United States.

Because of both the particularity of these events and their connection to a bigger picture, it is important to keep sight of the range of need and possibility. Justice is sought, not just for Mr. Gray, but for the many who are wronged through the criminal justice system. Racism underlies much of the inequality in our systems and we have an opportunity to address larger issues at this time.