Fall Theme: #BlessedTomorrow

Wed, Sep 20, 2017

Our worship series for fall is #BlessedTomorrow. We have been so focused on and fearful about the daily calamities that have befallen us individually, locally, nationally, and globally, we often forget to take the long view.

Christianity has much to say about both the “Kindom” for which we are always reaching, and the timelessness that God lives in. Together we’ll explore, over the next few months, what a blessed tomorrow looks and feels, and mark a path there lit by the light of God.

#BlessedTomorrow will also be the theme for this fall’s Pledge Campaign which will begin on Oct. 29 and culminate with Pledge Sunday on Nov. 19. During this time we consider together the financial commitment we will make for 2018.

We will also be taking the “long view” of our church’s future, especially as we consider exciting plans for the rebuilding of Pilgrim Hall and a possible affordable housing project. Members of the congregation will be sharing their own stewardship stories in worship.