First Church Addresses Global Warming

On Sunday, February 10, First Church joined in the National Preach-In on Global Warming sponsored by Interfaith Power & Light. After President Obama?s pledge in his inaugural address to work on the issue of climate change, there is a heightened sense of urgency that we join in that effort. Bob Russell, founder and director of the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences at the Graduate Theological Union, offered reflections at the 11 am service. Senior Minister Patricia de Jong preached at 9 am. Over 75 members of the congregation signed petitions and 50 sent postcards to President Obama.

Watch Rev. de Jong?s sermon ?Loving Our Neighbor the Earth? from the 9 am service.

Watch Dr. Russell?s sermon ?Climate Change: Is There Any ?Good News??? from the 11 am service.

We were reminded that we can each ?do one thing? to make a difference. At the 9 am service congregation members were invited to share some of their own practices to address global warming. Here is the list:

drive Prius or other hybrid
use drought resistant plants in landscaping
wash clothes in cold water and do full loads
turn off the lights
eat vegetarian
buy clothes that create less pollution in their manufacture
advocate for public transportation
dry clothes on a clothes line
bring your own shopping bag
collect water as it is warming and use to flush the toilet
shop at farmer's markets
take fewer trips on airplanes
get a bike
advocate for renewable energy sources
work at home one day a week to reduce commuting
build an economy not based on overconsumption
Get out! Experience the magnificence of the Natural world that God delights
print on the back of used paper
shop at a thrift store

Want to add your own ideas to the list? Fill out this form and will add your practices to the list.