First Church ?Green Commutes? for ?Mission 4/1 Earth?

How many members of the First Church community found a way green way to commute to church on Sunday, May 5?

Between 40 and 50!

They biked, walked, took public transportation and carpooled. Many were "green commuting" in ways that they have been practicing for a long time. Minister of Community Life Rachel Bauman led the charge by riding a tricycle into the 9 am worship service?bike helmet and all?to make the point that we can help take care of the earth by using methods of transportation that are easier on the environment.

First Church member Isa Philipp also played a central role in the organizing the day and set up several displays in the Large Assembly during the Learning Hour. "Green Commute Sunday" was one of the activities planned as part of First Church's participation in the UCC-wide Mission 4/1 Earth.