First Church News Archive

Here are some past stories from the First Church News archive.

The Meal Train website helps us provide meals for members of our community who may need some extra support while they are dealing with changes in their lives—new b

After a robust discussion, Church Council voted unanimously at its last meeting to install a three-dimensional sign with back-lit aluminum block letters mounted on

The summer sermon series will explore “The Wildness of God.” God is good! But God is not safe.

The church has a new database called Realm which has some really wonderful capabilities One of those is to serve as an online, secure, password-protected church directory (

First Church celebrated Pride weekend in big ways.

Winthrop, the high school youth group, is in Stockton, CA on their annual Work Camp.

Many members of the First Church community are expressing concern about the issue of children being separated from their parents at the border and wondering how to respond.

Following Frankie Wei’s death on June 3, a Meal Train schedule was set up to help Frankie’s grieving family (Nikki, Nathan, Sean, and Irene) with meals.

This year our four Sunday School classes were powered by 24 teachers grouped into teaching teams.

There is interest in expanding the FCCB sanctuary ministry to include sponsorship and housing of an immigrant/refugee.