First Church News Archive

Here are some past stories from the First Church News archive.

Each year, First Church offers an early evening All Ages Christmas Eve Service where the story of Jesus' birth gets told in stories and songs.

First Church Berkeley will celebrate Christmas Eve with a Contemplative Service at 10 am and three services in the evening on Sunday, Dece

First Church has had a long history making "family" music for the All Ages Christmas Eve Service at 4 pm on

First Church honors Chinh Nguyen for his years of volunteer service helping his partner, Minister of Art & Communication Phil Porter, hang banners in t

Members of the Ministry of Stewardship, Finance & Administration (SFA) and Senior Minister Molly Baskette hav

Just in time for Christmas gift shopping! First Church T-shirts!

The First Church Gospel Choir will rehearse in Loper Chapel or the Sanctuary after worship (~11:45 am).

First Church members Cynthia Winton-Henry and Bree Elle Gardner have created and will tend to the development of an Advent Shrine during the seaso

Remembering loved ones who are on our hearts and minds can be a meaningful part of the Christmas season.