First Church News Delivery to Shift

Mon, Dec 17, 2018

Beginning in January of 2019, the printed Carillon (and the accompanying e-version) will be produced every other week.

Over the years, the ways in which First Church news has been shared has changed dramatically, from pre-internet days when the Carillon, the primary news source, was printed and mailed to over 700 people to current times when we combine print communication with a variety of electronic methods, including an electronic version of the 4-page Carillon, the online Carillon (which is designed to take full advantage of internet capabilities), email blasts, Quick News (formatted for smart phones), and Facebook and Instagram postings.

At the moment, only a small number of people (about 50) receive the Carillon by mail.

In this time of transition, when our church budgets are challenged by the ongoing recovery from the fire, and the staff configuration is shifting, church leadership has decided to make changes in our communication strategy.

Events on the website will be updated continuously, so current news can always be found there, and the online Carillon will be up-to-date as well, since it “feeds” directly from what is posted on the website. An email will go out each week as it has in the past with either a link to the e-version of the Carillon, to the online Carillon, or to the Quick News page of the website.

Other methods to communicate First Church news will continue to be used: Sunday morning announcements, email blasts and Facebook posts.

These changes will be an important step toward streamlining First Church communications and will help balance the church budget.