The Gratitude Cycle: The Last Pledge Campaign

Sun, Oct 7, 2018
Sun, Nov 4, 2018

We are now in our sacred season of stewardship! The season when we consider what our church means to us, and denote a gift for the coming year as an act of faith and commitment to its future. From October 7 through November 4 we will hear faith testimonies about the “virtuous cycle” of generosity and gratitude in relationship with each other, consider the spiritual dimensions of money and think about the future of our community and our personal willingness to sustain its health and strength.

This year will be a little different, in that the main focus of the pledge campaign is not on the size of our individual gifts, but on the movement from analog giving (personal checks) to electronic “sustaining giving” through our new church database, Realm (via direct bank funds transfer, debit card or credit card).

Simple instructions for setting up sustaining giving through the online database Realm...

We will offer lots of logistical support through this next month so that we can get a supermajority of our community giving via Realm. If we hit the magical target of 87% making the leap to electronic giving, this will become the last pledge campaign ever! And we’ll make the move to “year-round stewardship”—money and giving as a recurring theme in a holistic approach to spiritual formation.

To set up your sustaining giving, you will need to get access to your password-protected "profile" on Realm. Here are some simple instructions to set up your Realm profile...

More about how using Realm can help our church...