Green Ministry Team Gathers Steam

Is the environment an important issue for you? What?s firing you up to take action?

The newly formed Green Ministry Team will meet on Thursday, August 16 at 7 pm in the Sunburst Room. The plans that are developing are far-reaching and inspiring. They include congregational surveys, integration of green themes in worship, enhancing the church?s recycling program, congregational education programs and environmental justice.

First Church?s theme for the fall is ?Caring for Each Other, Caring for the Earth? and the Church Council voted this summer to make ?green issues? a focus for the coming church year. The Team will be leading a special Learning Hour program on Sunday, September 23. It will be the third of a series of environment-related programs during September including the All Church Camp at Cazadero on Sept. 14 & 15.

All are welcome to get involved!