Green Team Encourages Support of SB100

Sun, Jan 7, 2018

The Green Ministry Team encourages First Church members to write to state political leaders to encourage them to pass Senate Bill 100 which would set a goal of 100 percent renewable and zero-carbon electricity in California by 2045. This bill will be considered by the state legislature in January.

The Team shares a letter that members can copy and send which says in part, “Burning fossil fuels is not only polluting our air, water and land, it’s changing our climate even faster than scientists predicted. Global warming is already altering the climate in ways that endanger people, ecosystems, and our future.  Here in California, we all witnessed this fall the deadly wildfires that burned more than one million acres, killing dozens of people and leaving nearly 100,000 displaced from their homes.”
At its November 2015 meeting the Church Council endorsed the Paris Pledge on behalf of the First Church congregation. This committed the church to reducing its carbon pollution and supported the Paris Accord, which our current President chose to pull out of. California has continued to be a leader in energy efficiency.
The letter should be sent to these three people:

Governor Jerry Brown
State Capitol, Suite 1173
Sacramento, CA 95814

California State Senate
c/o Kevin de León, Senate President pro Tempore
State Capitol, Room 205
Sacramento, CA 95814

California State Assembly
c/o Anthony Rendon, Speaker of the Assembly
State Capitol, Room 219
Sacramento, CA 95814

Download the letter here…