Green Team Lifts Up Environmental Commitment to Search Committee

The First Church Green Ministry Team has written a letter to the Senior Minister Search Committee encouraging them to hold the importance of the church's commitment to the environment as they search for the church's next head of staff.

This is the text of the letter that was sent to Search Committe Chairs Milton Fujii and Becky Smith:

We strongly recommend that the Search Committee incorporate into the church profile currently under development our renewed commitment as a church community to environmental stewardship. In the same vein, we also strongly recommend that a commitment to environmental stewardship be identified in the job description for the senior pastor as a highly desirable aspect of a candidate?s personal profile.

Since its founding in 2012, the Green Ministry Team has worked to promote environmental stewardship so that we may respect, enjoy and preserve God?s gift of life on Earth. The many activities of the Green Ministry Team have evoked a strong and spirited response from members of the congregation through their participation in many service activities, their attendance at learning hours and other special events addressing environmental issues, and their growing engagement with sustainability within our own church community. We are confident that, with these strong signals from the Search Committee on behalf of the First Church community, we can continue to strengthen and deepen our commitment to this mission into the future.

The letter was signed by these members of the Green Team: Freddie Bunge, Paul Chapman, Tom Cook, Emma Fujii, Annis Kukulan, Cynthia Lloyd, Isa Philipp, Phil Porter, Charlotte Russell and Nancy Thursby.