Green Team Protests Fracking In Sacramento

First Church Green Team members Freddie Bunge, Rev. Charlotte Russell, and Young Adult Minister Rev. Kit Novotny spent Thursday, November 12 in Sacramento today with faith leaders from across California, part of a day of action organized by Faith Against Fracking.

The interfaith group gathered to witness, pray, sing, speak with legislators, and deliver a letter to Governor Brown calling for a moratorium on fracking and an end to extreme, toxic fossil fuel extraction.

It is our responsibility to care for and heal this miraculous earth, our home. It is up to us to speak up on behalf of clean water and a livable planet for all creatures and future generations. And we do not need to poison people to power our lives.

One of the speakers at the event was Rev. Laurie Manning, pastor of Skyline UCC in Oakland (and former pastor at First Church). She is featured in an article on the UCC website. website.

Faith Against Fracking is a community of faith leaders and people of faith who are calling on our elected officials to stop fracking and other extreme fossil fuel extraction techniques. A fundamental cornerstone of most, if not all faiths, is the imperative to protect creation.

Pope Francis' recent Encyclical on Climate Change called on all people living in our common home to be good stewards of the planet, "to protect the world, and not prey on it,". Since fracking and other extreme fossil fuel extraction methods destroy the environment, hurt communities, and contribute to climate change, we must gather at the crossroads of our different faiths and stand up for what is right, and put an end to these destructive practices.
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