Green Team Reports Third Year Accomplishments

In its third year, the Green Ministry Team accomplished much to help the church become more environmentally sustainable and to embrace our mission to ?respect, enjoy and preserve God?s gift of life on Earth.?  Among the highpoints of our work, we:

1. Enhanced the recycling program by acquiring three Waste Management three-bin receptacles (compost, recycling, landfill), and worked with staff on implementation.

2. Conducted a Trash Audit showing we still generate about 30,000 lbs. of waste annually, but that our diversion rate has improved from 30% to 50% and our recycling and green waste accuracy is at least 95%.

3. Offered Green Learning Hours with Robyn Purchia of Eden Keeper and an Adult Education series on interfaith perspectives on the environment, organized by Cynthia Lloyd.

4. Launched a new Eco Champion series in the Carillon to recognize exemplary green members of our church community, led by Freddie Bunge.

5. Promoted Green Commute Sunday in May.

In addition we:

1. Participated in an Oakland Climate Rally in September in solidarity with the People?s Climate March in New York City.

2. Sent a letter to the Search Committee urging that our profile include a commitment to environmental sustainability.

3. Supported Rachel Bauman?s evening presentation on environmental issues in Palestine.

4. Appreciated Nate Mazur for switching to compostable utensils and placing green receptacles in the bathrooms for towels.

5. Applauded the Blessing of the Animals that once again was celebrated in October.

6. Supported FamChY Coordinator Carolyn Ash in the new ecology curriculum in the Summer School, conducting a Trash Talk during the Learning Hour and recycling audit.

7. Hosted the annual retreat of the East Bay chapter of

8. Thanked our Ministers who continued to make green themes a priority throughout the year!

The Team looks forward to a fourth Green Year and welcomes suggestions and support from the First Church community. The Green Team is open to all. Contact Paul Chapman if you are interested in getting involved (check your church directory or call the church office for contact info at 510/848-3696.)