Green Team Transportation Survey Results

In April the Green Ministry Team completed a Transportation Survey gathering information about transportation to and from church by members of the First Church community. This information is important because transportation is a major source of the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere for any organization. 71 members responded, or about a quarter of the more active members of our community. 

Using this data sample to extrapolate figures for the entire congregation, the Team found that as a group church members make almost 2000 trips to and from church each month, or an estimated 24,000 trips annually. The average trip is 8.5 miles.

Two thirds of all those trips are in automobiles, or an estimated 15,840 trips annually. Scientists report that burning gasoline puts about 20 lbs. of CO2 into the atmosphere for each gallon used, which means that our driving to church adds an estimated 267,753 lbs. of CO2 annually to the atmosphere.

Mindful of our environmental impact, First Church congregation members are trying to reduce their automobile use. A third of all trips made are by alternate transportation: carpools, 12%; walking, 12%; BART/bus, 7%; and bike, 2%. This is surely a step in the right direction! 

The Green Team hopes to develop a plan to support carpooling for First Church, as well as encouraging community members to increase their use of alternative transporation methods.

If you have any questions about this report or the activities of the Green Ministry Team, please contact Paul Chapman.

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