Help Create a Church Directory in “Realm”

Tue, Jul 3, 2018

The church has a new database called Realm which has some really wonderful capabilities One of those is to serve as an online, secure, password-protected church directory (with pictures!) for our community. If you are part of the church, you are likely already “in” Realm, but only staff and administrators have access to your information.

In order to make Realm work as a directory, we need to have each individual in the church register, check their profiles, add a photo, and set their privacy settings to “Everyone in Our Church.” This will allow your contact information (name, address, phone, email or any subset of those) to be shared with other members of the community who are also registered. You will have control of what information is shared!

So far 135 people have registered. Another 54 have asked for access but haven't followed through with their registration.

If you are used to signing up for things online, the process will be easy.

Here are the “quick steps” to signing up…

To begin, though, you must contact Louise Halsey ( to let her know you want to be registered. You will then receive an email invitation through the Realm system with easy-to-follow steps. Once you are in, find your profile, add a photo and set your privacy setting to “Everyone in Our Church.”

Being registered in Realm will also provide you with other capabilities down the road. Stay tuned for those!

Here are the “quick steps” to signing up…