LRP Undertakes Land Use Study

Thu, Jan 31, 2019

Opinions differed last year about whether to pursue affordable housing options on our campus. Church Council voted to “actively pause” the matter until September and directed Long-Range Planning Committee (LRP) to suggest a path forward.

The committee thinks this can’t be done without objective facts to guide discussion. We recommend there be an impartial review of realistic land-use options that could generate income and help us better fulfill our mission as a church. Until we have the facts, how can we know what’s possible or impossible, wise or imprudent?

Church Council on Jan. 22 directed LRP to find a consultant to create a feasibility study. The committee will return to Church Council with a cost estimate soon. The study would explore rental options that could be incorporated into a rebuilt Pilgrim Hall. And it would provide an objective analysis of redevelopment possibilities for other parts of our campus.

Ultimately, our congregation will decide how best to use the precious assets entrusted to us. Long-Range Planning believes an analysis will help us make intelligent, spiritually grounded decisions in coming years.