New Moderator Elected at Annual Meeting

Sun, Feb 3, 2019

At it's 144th Annual Meeting the congregation unanimously voted in a new slate of officers and Ministry members. Leonard Ash was elected to be Moderator for 2019. He shared inspiring words—"We have work to do!"—which you can read here (or view the video of the meeting at the link below.) The church celebrated out-going Moderator Kara Korbel-Chinula, who will continue to serve on the Blue Fire Committee and the Fire Recovery Committee. Julie Greer will be Moderator-Elect, continuing the church's long practice of alternating leadership between women and men.

Watch the video recording of the meeting (in the list on the Webcast page) to hear the good news from 2018, and celebrate and remember those who have passed, and those who joined the church or were baptized. Leonard's Moderator Remarks occur at about 35 minutes in the video.

Take a look at the ballot which lists all new and current officers and Ministry members...

First Church's Annual Report 2018 was also published. Click the previous link to read it online or pick up a hard copy at the Welcome Table in the next few weeks.